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UVGI is the use of UV wavelengths of light in the germicidal range(200 – 320 nm) for disinfection of air and surfaces. The most commonly used wavelength for this purpose is 254 nm, a wavelength emitted by mercury germicidal lamps, which is in the UV-C range. The Germicidal UV destroys the DNA of microorganisms thereby killing them and stopping their replication. Thus, UVGI kills and inactivates all types of microbes, whether airborne or on a surface.


A bank of UV lamps, mounted on a self supporting frame- work, shine UV radiation on cooling in an AHU. The bank is fitted inside the AHU between the cooling coil and the blower as indicated in the adjoining picture. A control panel mounted just outside the AHU houses the necessary electronic ballasts, a timer, a circuit breaker and lamp ON indicator. Watmizer installation in AHUs ensures all the benefits of UVGI - such as indoor air quality (IAQ) improvement, energy conservation and reduced maintenance in the HVAC system, as described in the previous page.

Duct Zapper (Germicidal):

A set of UV lamps mounted on a rectangular frame made of stainless steel or aluminium, suitable for installation inside an air duct. The germicidal action of UV irradiation leads to a drastic reduction in the microbe count, thereby enhancing the air quality. A control panel mounted near the duct houses the electronic ballast, a timer, a circuit breaker and lamp ON indicator. This product finds a wide range of application in Hospitals and in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Duct Zapper (Odour Control):

This is a special version of the Duct Zapper(described above) in which regular UV lamps are replaced by ones that also emit Ozone forming UV of 185 nm. Ozone thus formed, destroys odour causing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by oxidation: most suitable for applications such as elimination of odour generated in cooking, STP(sewage treatment plant) and ETP(effluent treatment plant).


A wall mounted unit equipped with a UV lamp and a blower that takes air from a room, passes it over the UV lamp and releases it back in the room. The germicidal action of UV irradiation continuously eliminates microbes from air. This product when used in a room,the size of approxmaitely 300 sq.ft., rapidly lowers and maintains very low microbe levels.

Benefits of UVGI

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• Saves 10 – 15% HVAC Energy in exisiting AHUs.

• Eliminates growth of microbes in the cooling coil when installed in new AHUs .